But people's emotions are really unclear, even if love is so bad, from the words written by Eileen Chang can read the time when they were together, she is aware of the warmth she seldom experienced in her life. Hu Lancheng just suddenly talked about a photo she had posted in heaven and earth. Zhang Ailing took out the photo the next day and wrote a message on the back of the photo: "when she saw him, she became very low, low in the dust, but she was happy, and flowers came out of the dust." Hu Lancheng said: no matter what she said, ailing also felt like "climbing sticks and picking fragrant flowers, saying is joyful breath". It can be seen that Zhang Ailing is happy with him. Zhang Ailing herself also said "......" "It's an all-round and unrestrained infiltration, and in the face of self harmony," she added. "Now it's a clear and mirror like autumn. I should be." They often greet the people they meet in front of a grand festival. It can be seen that in love, Eileen Chang is happy and happy. Although the happy and happy Epiphyllum like fireworks is very short, after all, it has had a brilliant life. Time is vast but not quiet. Hu Lancheng can't wait for Eileen Chang all the time, and Eileen Chang, who loves sadly, can only turn around sadly. The one you love the most, hurts you the most; the one who can hurt you the most, is the one you love the most. What is the positive solution? Perhaps, love and, are always accompanied by each other, this may be somewhat reasonable.